3rd stop

3rd stop


Eventful geological history

In the Jurassic period of the history of Earth (201-145 millions of years ago), when lands were dominated by dinosaurs and huge-growing cycads, gingkoes and other gymnosperms, this area was still covered by the ocean. At the bottom of the ocean in a depth of 3-4000 meters the ground opened and along divergent plate boundaries molten rock from the Earth’s mantle pushed up and touching the cold water of the ocean it immediately cooled and solidified. These quickly solidified “magma extrusions” resemble pillows, this is why these structures are called “pillow lavas”.

Later in history – about 115 millions of years ago – the newborn ocean closed up and these spectacular deep sea structures emerged, so today standing on land we can look at events that happened on the ocean bottom 165 millions of years ago.